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The challenge of writing in a FACS class

Cooking classes.   Culinary courses.   Entry level food and nutrition.   World foods that explore cultures, history and common ingredients.  Finally, Prostart.  A course designed by the National Restaurant Association.   How do I incorporate meaningful writing into these types of courses? I have explored so many ideas of how to write in my culinary courses. The language of a recipe seems so simple, but the vocabulary used for various processes and cooking procedures are foreign to many students. Besides working on recipe reading and writing, then conquering the procedures with hand-on cooking labs, I try to use consistent writings in all foods classes.   These writing tasks include:  Lab Prep sheets & Recipe Templates Market order sheets (aka grocery lists) Lab evaluation & Tasting evaluation sheets Our tasting and evaluation sheets focus on expanding our vocabulary, like a food critic, or food blogger. I really enjoy these activities! Obviously vocabulary is necessary to bu

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